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Field of activities
Fields of Use
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Fields of Use

Ceramic Industry
Transferring, feeding and pumping to services of ceramic clay.

Mining and Construction
Pumping out water from pools and groundworks, transferring any kind of mud, dirt, fuel or lubricant.

Waste Treatment Facilities
Pumping sewage, industrial waste, and mud in basins.

Pumping gloss, resins, solvents and waste.

Cleaning ship bunkers, pumping out bilge water, pumping in sewage to special containers.

Pumping bottle cleaning waste and general maintenance waste water.

Chemical and Oil Industry
Abrasive chemicals are used in pumping high-viscosity bentonite clay (drilling mud), cleaning oil and sludge out of rafinery depots, pumping draining solvents and talc clay in and out, cleaning depots and pumping ferrous oxide clay.

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